Tri County Tech Employees, 100% Participation!!

We at the Tri County Tech Foundation recognize how fortunate we are to work with fellow employees who support the Foundation’s mission.  Not only do the instructors, Student Services personnel, and administration practice a culture that promotes students to succeed, there’s a spirit of generosity in giving monetarily to the Foundation as well.  In November of 2016, TCT staff was given an opportunity to make a monthly pledge commitment for fiscal year 2017.            Not only did their yearly cumulative pledge surpass 2016’s by over $9,500, there continues to be                          100% commitment and participation!!  Additionally, two of our employees are contributing monthly in becoming Named Scholarship donors.  This means they will be gifting the Foundation $10,000 or more over a three-year period or in a lump sum, which will facilitate a yearly scholarship in their name in perpetuity.  What unique benevolence this group of 87 individuals represents!  After the final tally, the total TCT employee pledge amount for 2017 was over $63,000!!!  A simple “thank you” seems woefully inadequate to express our gratitude….but THANK YOU, TRI COUNTY TECH EMPLOYEES!!!