TCT Foundation: Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

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It is a goal of Tri County Tech to ensure that every student has the opportunity for success. At the heart of this goal is the Tri County Tech Foundation.

The TCT Foundation has become a major initiative in the past two years because everyone within the organization believes in the underlying message— student success.

The TCT Foundation has made great strides for student success.

Throughout the 2010-2011 fiscal year, 86% of the TCT staff donated to the cause each pay period resulting in $19,628 in contributions. The Foundation received corporate contributions from three different companies totaling $27,700. Also, ConocoPhillips graciously matched $12,850 through mentor hours and individual contributions from retirees and current employees.

66 Federal Credit Union and TCT partnered to create the Trailblazer Spirit Card Rewards Program. Through the partnership, the Tri County Tech Foundation received an additional $3,606.

Due to this overwhelming generosity, 45 deserving students have received full-time scholarships to Tri County Tech totaling $17,442. Short-term scholarships were awarded to 34 individuals totaling $7,706. Also, 152 students received assistance with food, gas, utility bills, eye exams and car repairs through the Foundation.

ConocoPhillips also awarded the Tri County Tech Foundation with a $39,327 grant that provided assistance for student organization activities, travel and registration fees for state and national competitions. Because of this, 93 students were able to attend their student leadership competitions and gain valuable experience.

Altogether, Tri County Tech has made a difference in the lives of 485 students through the Foundation.

“The commitment to helping students of this institution is nothing short of marvelous,” says Joeette Benjamin, TCT student and scholarship recipient. “I am in awe of the generous spirit that pervades the halls of Tri County Tech.”