Superintendent’s Circle 2017

The Tri County Tech Foundation continues to be blessed by individuals and businesses who generously give of their time and finances to support our mission, and the Superintendent’s Circle Event held April 13, 2017, was a time for the Foundation to say “thank you” to our many constituents who are committed to giving $500 or more this year to the Foundation.  This year’s theme of “Opening Doors to Opportunity” rings true for many of the Foundation recipients and comes in many forms.  Several students’ pictures were highlighted by conveying what manner the Foundation helped open their door in reaching their educational goals.  For some, it was offsetting tuition.  For one, it was enabling him to see by providing glasses.  For another, it was providing funds to pay for school supplies.  Another young man, who had a desire to enter the military, couldn’t complete his enlistment without undergoing a pulmonary test, an expense that was out of reach.  The Foundation helped with the cost of his test, and he is scheduled to join the Army after graduating from high school.  These stories are a sampling of the many ways the Foundation was able to open doors to opportunity for our TCT students.  If you would like to join us in our mission that no student be denied an education due to lack of funds, please view the “Ways to Give” tab on our website and consider making a tax-deductible donation to the TCT Foundation.