Walmart #41 Community Grant

Having a passion for our community’s well-being is of significant importance to Walmart #41 located here in Bartlesville.  Part of being a positive and effective corporate citizen is giving back to its community in ways that will have a positive impact.  One core area Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have identified is Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating.  Because of this core value, Walmart approved Tri County Tech Foundation’s Community Grant application and gifted the Foundation with $2,000 for food bank assistance.  One primary objective of the TCT Foundation is to eliminate barriers which may negatively impact a student’s ability to succeed in their educational goals.  Unfortunately, a barrier many of our students experience is hunger while attending class, which creates an impediment to their learning experience.  In 2016 alone, the Foundation was able to provide qualifying students with nearly $7,000 in food bank assistance.  For many of us, insufficient food sources are simply not part of our everyday life experience; but it is an unfortunate reality that is being addressed by TCT and the TCT Foundation for its students.  We wish to thank Walmart #41 for partnering with us in this endeavor!  Pictured are Walmart #41’s store manager Wes Wilson and co-manager Juan Castro, along with TCT’s Superintendent Lindel Fields and Director of Development, Lisa Geresi.