Laurel Moreno, Applied Welding Techniques

LaurelMorenoChallenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. When adult welding student, Laurel Moreno, enrolled in the Flex Applied Welding Techniques program at Tri County Tech in January 2015, she hoped to make a better future for herself.

Yet, Laurel was struggling with a serious tooth infection that was risking her health and her ability to focus in school. So, her Welding instructor put her in touch with the Dental Hygiene program at Tri County Tech to help resolve her serious dental issues.

Less than a year later, Laurel’s health couldn’t be better, and she has been offered the Assistant Manager position at a local bakery. Although working full time, Laurel was able learn the valuable skills of welding just two evenings a week without interrupting her work schedule. She will be taking the welding certification test in April 2016.

Laurel says she enjoys working hard and likes the challenge of trying to master different welds. “There’s a lot to like about welding. I enjoy the outcome of the welding process.”

Laurel plans to work at a welding shop in Tulsa in the near future to get her feet wet doing odds-and-ends-type welding jobs. She adds that, “Tri County Tech has helped prepare me for the real-world. [My instructor] never got impatient with me while I was learning welding. He was open to showing me new ways, new techniques of welding to see which one worked better for me.”