Dr. Nicole Cupp-Kerbs, Cosmetology


Attending the Cosmetology program at Tri County Tech is really what sparked Dr. Nicole Cupp-Kerbs’ interest in podiatry. Once she learned how to do pedicures and received hands-on experience with actual customers, she started zoning in on working with feet.

During her time at TCT, Dr. Cupp-Kerbs’ grandpa was struggling with diabetes and ended up losing both of his legs. Quickly her interest in podiatry grew even greater and her journey toward becoming a podiatrist began.

While attending podiatry school in Miami, FL, Dr. Cupp-Kerbs was able to use the certification she received in the TCT Cosmetology program by cutting hair to pay for college. In more ways than one, TCT helped pave the way to a successful career for Dr. Cupp-Kerbs, including the establishment of her her own practice in Bartlesville. She is thankful for the experience and speaks highly of the programs, instructors, and learning environment provided by Tri County Tech.