Chelsea Stokes, Practical Nursing


It has been said that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Tri County Tech Practical Nursing student Chelsea Stokes is taking her education seriously and with a staunch commitment to self-discipline. As a single mother going to school full-time, Chelsea’s path is anything but easy.  Yet, Chelsea says, “I am confident that what I’m doing is best for my family and know that if I am self-disciplined enough I can achieve anything.”

Thanks to the support of the Tri County Tech Foundation, Chelsea says that Tri County Tech has provided her with an education that she can take with her wherever she goes for the rest of her life. “No matter what area a student is struggling in, personal life, school life, home life, the Foundation is willing to help in any way they can to see you succeed in your education. [And the TCT] instructors have personally made sure I can make it through this program…to see that I succeed.”

In addition, thanks to Tri County Tech’s on-site Child Development Center, Chelsea is able to keep her daughter close by. “Having the daycare on-site has been a huge blessing. Knowing that my daughter is close by and [that] people who really care about her are taking care of her, helps me to focus on learning instead of worrying.”

Chelsea believes in always remaining humble and always remaining open to learning. She credits her instructors at Tri County Tech for instilling in her the desire to achieve her dreams. She says, “The people who work and teach at TCT are the most caring and nurturing instructors I’ve ever been involved with. They don’t just want to shove you out the door with a license, they want you to really grasp the concepts and leave the school a more confident, educated person.”