Breana Willis, Practical Nursing


The wise Bob Marley once said, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” Tri County Tech Practical Nursing student, Breana Willis, embodies strength, courage, and determination and is pursuing her dream of becoming a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse. Each day she rises at 5:00 am to care for her her 7-month-old daughter who has been diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia. Despite a two-hour daily commute and the worry of leaving her young child, Breana is determined to succeed in the rigorous, 11-month program. She says, “My daughter is my motivation. I am making a huge sacrifice leaving her each day in order to meet my goals.” And, yet, Breana knows she is on the right path at Tri County Tech and is grateful to the TCT Foundation for a scholarship which has allowed her the opportunity to start on her path in nursing. The superior training provided by TCT is changing not only Breana’s life but countless others who will be served and healed by Breana’s kindness, wisdom, and knowledge.