Foundation’s Impact in 2016

The Foundation at Tri County Tech continues to grow and impact not only its recipients but Northeast Oklahoma communities and families.   How, you ask?  Through the generosity of our donors, a wonderful byproduct is helping students be part of the economic vitality of our communities as students complete their educational training and join our local workforce.  But pursuing a technical education for many is a dream that is simply out of reach.  Varying obstacles, such as lack of ability to pay tuition — or even basic needs such as food and gasoline — are stumbling blocks significant enough to prevent many from pursuing technical training.  One’s need is where the Foundation steps in with hope!

Total assistance provided by the Foundation in 2016 was over $160,000.  How were these funds utilized for students  in Washington, Osage, and Nowata counties??  The Foundation was able to award 123 scholarships to students in need totaling $150,000.  Additionally, we were able to provide $6,913 in food bank assistance and $4,040 in emergency assistance.  Further exciting news, in December of 2016, the Foundation Board approved increasing the level of assistance to $200,000 for 2017.  While the needs continue to outweigh available funds, we are honored and humbled to consistently extend our reach by increasing the level of assistance offered.  For further information, please check out the “Our Donors” and “Ways to Give” tabs on our home page.