EMT Program

Tri County Tech is preparing to offer a Paramedic program in January 2018, and a great deal of groundwork has been laid to accomplish this goal.  Information gathering, meeting course curriculum requirements, complying with the standards set by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and obtaining medical equipment are all areas TCT staff and paramedic instructors have been working on to get this program up and running.

Paramedic Instructor Don McCorkle played a significant role in acquiring a Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12 machine (defibrillator/monitor) for the program.  Mr. McCorkle, who is a certified paramedic, was able to obtain this valuable piece of equipment by donation from Pawhuska EMS via the Tri County Tech Foundation.

Is there a difference between an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and paramedic?  Yes!!  Paramedics offer the highest skilled prehospital treatment one can receive.  Level of education and scope of care are two important areas where EMT training and paramedic training greatly differ.  After EMT training, paramedics must obtain an additional 1,200 hours of education and training.  While EMT’s are highly trained to provide basic-level life support, paramedics are trained to provide advanced life-support care.  Examples of such care consist of administering critical care medications, creating surgical airways, and administering mechanical ventilation — just to name a few!

Tri County Tech will be offering Anatomy and Physiology, a prerequisite for the Paramedic course, on September 25, 2017.

Thank you, Pawhuska EMS, for your generous donation!  Tri County Tech is one step closer to adding Paramedic Training to our course studies!

Pictured:  Beverly McAnally, Community Education Coordinator; Don McCorkle, Paramedic Instructor, with SimMan; Kerensa Kester, Chief Instructional Officer.  Pictured:  Lisa Geresi, Director of Development; Jon Harrington, Paramedic Instructor; Larry Thrash, President of the Strategy Center