In 1970, three short years after the establishment of Tri County Vocational School, District #1, the Tri County Vo-Tech Foundation was established. Initially, the Foundation focused on providing funds to students enrolling in the Nursing Education program.

Over the last 46 years, the Tri County Tech Foundation has evolved to where it is today. Changes have ranged from an updated name (now the Tri County Tech Foundation) to a much larger student population, topping 16,000 enrollments, but the mission has remained the same. The TCT Foundation stands committed to its mission of supporting Tri County Tech by providing opportunities and assistance that allow students to be successful in their selected programs of study and of never denying a student enrollment due to lack of funds.

In 2015, TCTF provided assistance to 485 TCT students.  Over $94,000 in scholarships and tuition assistance were provided to enrolled students. Nearly $15,000 was utilized in grants to students to assist them with needs other than tuition (including food bank and emergency assistance). These needs varied from eye exams, gas cards, monies for needed medication and even food, a most basic need that is sometimes not easily obtained.

Today, the TCTF has a phenomenal commitment from TCT staff members, with 100% of TCT staff contributing over $56,000 annually to the Foundation. This internal commitment demonstrates the strong belief in the good that is being done by the TCTF. Among staff members, this commitment is seen as providing a better future for generations to come.