62% of the recipients of TCTCF funds are individuals that have no other form of financial assistance.

Our ability to remain nimble in a changing environment will be tied directly to the growth of our Foundation portfolio. A $5,000,000 endowment will provide a perpetual stream of income, assuring our ability to attract and retain the most deserving and promising students; young people like Jeremy who, without a modest scholarship, would be unable to enhance their job skills and rise to their full employment potential. Consider Teresa, who was trapped in a minimum wage job until she entered our Dental Assisting program. With an investment of just $2,477 over two years we were able to open a world of job opportunities that previously were beyond her wildest dreams. These stories happen every day at TCTC. We have the right people in place to deliver these inspiring results. Sadly, however, there are far more deserving students to be helped than our present resources can assist.

We need your help. Together we can extend the reach of TCTC until no student is denied an education due to a lack of funds. Please join with us in this worthy endeavor. Students throughout Northeast Oklahoma depend on us. Let’s make their dreams come true!