Sometimes it is good to be reminded how your hard-earned dollars donated to the Tri County Tech Foundation were used.  In 2017, because of the generosity of local businesses and individuals, many of whom are Tri County Tech employees, the Foundation was able to award $200,000 in scholarships and tuition to deserving students.  This translated into awarding 161 scholarships to students in need.  Additionally, our food bank supplied over $5,000 in food items.  Hunger at school is a topic that may not be discussed much.  But the reality is a good number of our TCT students have come to school hungry; and the Foundation was very grateful to address this problem through our food bank.  A portion of donated funds provided meal cards which were used in our TCT cafeteria, as well as snack items in the classrooms.  Also, the Foundation was able to provide 275 recipients with holiday assistance for food items during our school breaks.  Lastly, the Foundation provided over $4,000 in emergency assistance to qualified students.  When a barrier comes up that may prevent a student from continuing their education with TCT, sometimes the barrier can be eliminated by emergency assistance funds.  For instance, if there was a choice between a student being prevented from attending class due to a bad tire or getting the tire repaired, emergency assistance funds could remedy the situation.  So we say “thank you”  to our many donors for investing in the Foundation  and “investing in a brighter tomorrow” for our students and community!